About Us


We created Two Flames BBQ (formerly Smoke 'N' Float) to share our love of food. 

We endeavour to deliver New Zealand barbeque on an exciting new level that will enhance your eating experience and impress your guests.

Enjoy your food flame roasted, smoke barbequed, or Maori Hangi.

We use Spit roasters, Smoker trailers, & Te Kohatu cookers to cook our food. 

If you see us catering an event, please feel welcome to come and have a chat with us, we're really friendly! 

Our Background

What started off as a UCOL streetfood assignment in 2017, became a business called Smoke N Float. 

I was inspired to name it Smoke N Float after my father and grandmother.

My father taught me to smoke foods from a young age and my grandmother taught me to cook fry breads when I was a child. My cousins and I came to call them 'floats' because they would float to the surface of the oil. 

2018 Stewart (partner at the time) became director with me and together we worked, building on the foundation of Smoke N Float. We have since hosted many Food events and catered multiple weddings, corporate functions, & birthdays. 

In 2020, we changed the business name to Two Flames. Two Flames represents two styles of cooking that our business will undertake: BBQ Smoke/flame cooking & Traditional Hangi cooking. We also chose it because it represents us: our bond with our family, our marriage to each other, and our love for the people.


Maani & Stewart


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