COVID-19 Response

11 August 2020 - *UPDATE*


We received an alert Lvl message made today 11th August, 2020, by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in regards to the covid19 situation. Auckland is moving into Alert Lvl 3 while the rest of the country moves into Alert Lvl 2 as of 12pm, 12th August 2020. 


All functions and events now have a restriction of 100 ppl until we return to Alert lvl 1, as instructed by MOH. 


What this means for us:

- We are still continuing our services at full.

- We will be requiring social distancing at the buffet.

- We will be dishing the guests food as they approach buffet stations.

- We will be wearing masks, & gloves as required by MOH during service.

- We will constantly be sanitizing our stations.

- We will be keeping a record - for contact tracing.


If your wedding or event is within the next three  months (September, October, & November), you may postpone your function date to an available date next year at no extra costs to you (no security deposit needed). Please let us know your decision upto 6 weeks of your function date.


Cookouts continue as normal however we do require customers to keep to social distancing rules when picking up your item. 


If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Keep safe out there.

Ngā mihi nui ki a koe,

Maani & Stewart


09 June 2020 - **UPDATE**

Alert Level 1 - We will be keeping a register for contact tracing. There are no restrictions on events and gatherings. We will continue safe hygiene practices as per our Food safety control plan and the regulations set by Ministry of Health.

13 May 2020 - **UPDATE**

Alert Level 2 - We ask that all customers keep to 1metre distancing rule when picking up food from cookouts. Our staff will step back from the service counter to allow the customer to approach and collect their food items. 
We will continue to follow a strict hygiene practice and we have our food control procedures and measures in place.


23 March 2020 - ** Update **

In light of the recent move to Alert LVL 3 & 4 - As of Wednesday 25th March, 2020, we are legally required to cease operations until restrictions have been removed. Therefore, any and all upcoming Cookout Tickets will be refunded to source of payment or offered in the form of store credit (let us know which you'd like) and all Cookout events during April are cancelled until further notice.

* Please note: it takes 10 business days for payments to be reversed through our payment system *

Stay safe, be safe!




21 March 2020 - We are nearing the end of 2019 wedding season and we hope you're all well and safe during these hectic times. 

The Ministry of Health has issued a recent update on events for small gatherings such as weddings & funerals. They have put a temporary ban in place for events that have 100+ guests inside and 500+ guests outside. 
Below is their link to information about the banning and how you can help minimize the risk of Covid-19.

Ministry of Health - Mass Gatherings Ban


In response to this, We have activated our COVID-19 plan and will be monitoring the Ministry of Health updates. We will continue to follow our strict food control plan and in compliance with Ministry of Health regulations & guidelines.

If your function guest capacity is 100+, we suggest:

  1. Lowering your guest numbers or 

  2. Moving the event outdoors - providing more ventilation and space for your guests or

  3. Postponing the event to a later date.

     --We will be in contact with you anyway if the ban is still in effect two months prior to your function.

We have stopped taking bookings for 2021: so that we can allow bookings from this year to move to 2021 dates at no extra cost to you - please contact us if you would like to postpone.


As part of our response, we will be implementing sanitizing stations at functions. Guests will be required to sanitize their hands before approaching the buffet and grazing table. 

We will not provide sanitizing stations for functions with just Grazing Tables only.

Sanitizing stations will come equipped with:


  1. Sanitizer

  2. Tissues

  3. Lined Rubbish bin

Please don't panic, these are only precautions that we have to take to ensure that everyone is safe. 

We are keeping positive during these times and unless the Ministry of Health increases the banning on event numbers, then we are really looking forward to the upcoming wedding season and meeting all of you.


Our cookouts continue as normal and we assure that all care and hygiene is being taken to prepare and cook the meats on these days. Our ordering and pick up system continues as normal.

If you have any concerns or worries or would like to postpone your function date, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,
Maani & Stewart

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