Terms & Conditions


a) Booking Form must be completed and confirmed - This can be signed and returned to TwoFlames BBQ by email or can be confirmed by writing an email to us addressing all the points on the form.

b) Booking Fee - Each function booking is for a whole week depending on the guest capacity, so that we can focus entirely on your function to produce the best for your function. 

We book out very quickly and so we require a nonrefundable booking fee of $1,500 or 50% (whichever is the lesser) of the total booking invoice to secure your booking. 

c) We do not hold dates unless they have been secured with the booking fee. We will not 'chase' clients for booking fee. It is entirely your responsibility to secure your booking with us. 

d) Booking Invoice - We require full payment of the remainder of the invoice up to 6 weeks before your event.

e) Bookings for functions with a capacity of 100+ must be received no later than 6 weeks before the event subject to availability. We must have time to roster staff, organise equipment, and order supplies for the event.

f) Bookings made within 6 weeks prior to the function, must be paid in full within 3 days of invoicing.



a) Prices exclude GST. GST of 15% will be added upon invoicing. 

b) Pricing reflects seasonal food costs, food quality & complexity, labour, equipment use, travel within Palmerston North region, any equipment hire we may need, and business overheads.

c) Pricing per head is based on guests aged 12 yrs + . If function has less than 5 children aged 3 - 12yrs, there is no charge. If the function has more than 6 children aged 3 - 12yrs, there will be a charge of $12 per/child.

d) Special deals on pricing options are for the conditions specified for the deal. 

e) We reserve the right to change the pricing at any time. 

f) Confirmed bookings are not affected by future price changes.


a) You can choose from our catering menu - quantities will be based on standard portioning and budget unless client (you) states otherwise.

b) All changes to the menu must be made no later than 6 weeks before the event, as we start ordering stocks and supplies at this time.

c) We can not accept food products from clients or family of clients. Foods such as but not limited to: produce, meats, seafood, nuts, desserts, breads, sauces - can not be handled or prepared by TwoFlames BBQ. In addition, We must be made aware of persons intending to bring in food and we will have a table labelled, and designated for foods brought in by guests. Furthermore, we can not be held responsible for foods brought in by other persons.

(it is highly recommended that you inform your guests not to bring any food)

d) It is solely your responsibility to inform us of guest dietary requirements upon building your menu. In addition, all of our meats are completely nut-free & gluten-free but some do contain dairy. Our pork, bacon, and chicken are cured in honey, salts, sugars, and apple cider vinegar (gluten-free). Many of our salads are gluten-free containing apple cider vinaigrette only and apple cider vinegar based mayonnaise. 

e) All of our menus are changed seasonally for produce cycle. The meats are firm. 

f) Changes to the menu will not affect current client built menus. 


a) There can be NO  refunds within 6 weeks of the event because ordering stocks and supplies takes place at this time.

b) Stock and Foods will be delivered or made available for your pick up if the event is cancelled within the 6 weeks.

c) Cancellations must be made before 6 weeks of the event to receive a refund of the invoice (if paid) – except the nonrefundable booking fee.



a) All food presentation of buffet set up will be done by us in your best interests unless you state otherwise.

b) We will use our own catering equipment unless the venue can facilitate our needs to cater your function.

c) Left over foods after the buffet table clean up will remain for the client in disposable trays, platters, & food containers / food bins.

d) We will clean the buffet tables and our preparation stations, and kitchens. We will clean our own buffet equipment. 

e) In addition to 3)c) of these terms & conditions, TwoFlames BBQ staff will designate a table specifically for whanau or friends of the clients to bring prepared food for guests of the function.

TwoFlames BBQ will not be able to supply equipment for or monitor this table or handle the food on it due to our very strict health and safety food policy. 

f) We understand that some clients have family or friends that like to help in the kitchen or help service tables. However, this may cause issues for us especially in the kitchen. 

(FOR ALL SERVICES) We require the use of the venue kitchen solely for OUR personnel.

(PREMIUM ONLY) We require our staff the ONLY personnel to service tables, kitchen, and dishes. 

g) (PREMIUM ONLY) Front of house staff will start at 10am and will set up all guest tables and bar stations in the best interests of the clients but also in the scope of our food & health safety control plan. 


h) (PREMIUM ONLY) Front of house staff will remain in service at the event until 1am to ensure clean up of dishes and tables. Front of house staff will clear guest tables of dishes and rubbish. They will also tend to the bar if you would like as our Front of house manager is a licensed bar manager.

i) Client must provide adequate trestle tables for the buffet and grazing. You will be provided a number of tables that we need when we build your menu.

j) We will be in contact with you or the venue regarding any venue or set up requests, limitations, ground rules, and regulations/permits.

k) We reserve the right to refuse to cook or prepare food in facilities that are not within the scope of our Health & Food safety control plan or the Ministry of Health regulations; and can pose a risk to the health and safety of staff, clients, and guests. There will be no refunds and all foods will be made available for the client.

l) We reserve the right to refuse service to clients or guests who are demeaning, or belittling to TwoFlames BBQ Staff. There will be no refunds and all foods will be made available for the client.



a) We cook the food in our facilities and deliver to the venue ONLY.

b) You must have a contact person on delivery site to receive, check and sign for our catering.


c) Petrol costs are included if delivery is within Palmerston North city. Catering delivery to outside cities may incur a petrol and travel charge depending on where destination is (please inquire).


a) The tables for the Grazing must be made available to us 1 hours before the event begins. Location of grazing table is entirely up to you.

b) Foods will be spread on Butchers paper & Tablecloth, platters, and boards. We will leave a supply of tooth picks, serviettes, disposable spoons & forks, and disposable plates with the set up. 

c) Once the grazing table is set and all foods are spread, we do not remain at the event unless it is requested (enquire).

d) If the grazing table is set up outside, please ensure that you have correct coverage for your table. We can not be held responsible for bugs landing on your food.

d) Client must return all Grazing equipment - boards, stands, and decor. If equipment is not returned within 5 working days of the event, you may be billed.


a) We cook the food in our facilities and deliver to the venue ONLY.

b) Selections for this option are static and can not be swapped or changed.

c) Set Menu:

Meats are: Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pork Spare Ribs

Salads are: Potato Salad, Gourmet slaw

Breads are: 2 Buns per head

Please contact​ us if you have any questions.

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